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3? 3Y'A. TER LO0; Now he? pale lamp sheholds?'er Sllngbter's hand? Guides the su,re blow, ami p?Ms the .v?efut b .rmJd. Onward they. ms;b, '.till t!?r?ected beem Quivers on Sam. bre's ' ?.n. tly-g.lidimg fitteam.. Ah, gentle nOW no qJore t The. broke?.wftve Flashes above the sol.dle.r'8 wa.t'ry greve, The stifled groan, the fs?q.u .?. t plunk.declare That foemen slay, .aml.. warriors perish there. But turn youreyes , .where spreads the tranquil light'. O'er the wide.plain, .where .rag'd the desperate fight, Death's banquet-r .?, where wildly mingled lie '131e wreclr.s of his ?eme. ndous.?evelry.' The pale r.ay gleams on mauy a paler cheek,. Distain'd alone by slaughter's 'crimson s .tr?k; And oft the glist'ning radiance, mildly. wan, Falls on a bee too beautiful' for man; While from the riven helm esca!?l have re]i'd Dark braided tresses, or dishevell'd gold. "ris Gallia's ma?d, who by her wm'rior's side In danger triumph?dj an(l devoted died. 0 woman, with thy -?ee :what strength combines ! Faithful as ivy to the shaftit twines, Which closer still in ruin clasps it round, And gives intum th? kind support it found? ......... ?Google