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358' waT?.a?.oo. How different now the solemn ?alm, tha? r?igns, From that, which lu!Fd last e'v? ?h' expectant plains ! Then apprehension thrill'd, or hope beat high, Now all is hush'd in silent certainty. And where is he, whose madly-daring hand Pil'd the dread pyre, then to'ss'd th? kindling brand ? He far away pursues his' hurried flight,' Invoking all the deel?st slmdes of nighi. O greatly-fall'n, and ?ould'st thou !iear t6 fly, Outcast from fame, no ?ess ? victor? ? FaWn like th? avalanche,' all powerless laid, That melts amid the wrecks itself had made.' Did'st thou noi seem the Prussian's' shriek to hea?, And groans fro TM Jaffa munnur'd in'thine ear'? Frowning in Angel's wrath see Wright succeed, And murder'd D'Enghien asks; '? Who bade me bleed ?." Farewell ! If Conscience l{ave not'lost her power, Her frowns will' dar!?en the a?enging hour. Yes, all is o'er ! ' Domin?on, glory, fame; Shrink in Napoleon to an empty name.' As the proud Aloe, h?il'd with wondering gaze, Towers in an age with bloom, that ?oon decays, So past away his pageantry, and power, Ripen'd thro' years, bu? wither'd in an hour: And he, who climb'd ?hm' rapine, waste, and To Fame's st?eep heigh?---Chief--Consul?Emperor-- } ......... ?Google