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A /)RAtATIC ODB, Thu, ? same doom,we beth bestow; Peace he cannot, shall not? know ! Neyer shalt thou find a hein?, Heart and soul with thine Yet to love shll ever be Thy nature's otron? necessit To love, till all thy soul is ?own One thot?ght ofwh?t thou 1o?'st? alo-e.; And tl?, the aagubh thou shalt prove; Ne'er to be 1ov'd, e? thou d?st love, This m?t thou/eel, yet strive to che? Thy spirit with the fond deceit, That others/an with thee combine, And love thee with a 1ov? like thine; Then, from the dream.reluct?t stm% In utter hopelessness of heart, And know they are not, as thou art, Still shall thy breast in secret boil, Tl?y thoughts upon themselves recoil, Driv'n back by words that answer not To all, thy depth of feeling sought; By looks, that ne'er .to thine reply, Nor send, in lightning thro' the eye, 19