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28 A DRAMATIC ODE. But such as Vow from day to day? And none can give, or take away; Joys from Nature's self that spring, Like her for ever varying; Joys, which to the world seem folly, Half allied to melancholy; Joys, which the world, or the world's friend Can never, never comprehend. The common air, the open sky, The smallest brook, that murmurs by, Shall tenfold more of..rapture bring, Than thrones, and kingdoms to their king. Fa?c?]. How shalt thou start in pleas'd amaze, When, by my daring hand unveil'd, From each ungifted eye conceal'd, The whole unreal world shall burst upon thy gaze ! When the palace of my art Its opal gates shall wide expand, And all, that I can best impart, Tempts thee to my blissful land. Lo, as he stands in wonder near, Wild, uncertain harmony, Sounds, that sink, and swell, and die, Melt upon his tranced ear. ......... ?Google