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ODE ON THE DIVERSITY OF POETIC CHARACTER. B?.zs? source of poetry and light, Bright to the soul, to nature bright, Apollo ! as at more, or eve, Thy beams a different tincture give To every cloud, that on thy state With duteous homage loves to wait; O'er these a chasten'd warmth diffuse; O'er those, unnumber'd rain-bow hues; Here thro' a dusky mass dispense Obscurely-grand magnificence; There, breaks of scatter'd light alone; While few, the nearest to thy throne, Drink the full splendor of thy rays, Dissolving in the potent blaze: Thus, in each mind thou deign'st to fire, Thy gifts a different zeal inspire. Pierc'd by the pleasing dart, like stricken deer, The gentle youth seeks nature's wildest scenes, ......... ?Google