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COUNTESS OF WINCHILSEA 217 �Long since Emanuel, by the Prophett stil'd, Now, God with us! They call'd the glorious Child. �" But hold, a Shepheard while his flock does feed, 40 " Must chuse a subject suited to his Reed, Nor with mistaken strength, attempt the Sky, But o're the Plaines, with easy motion fly. Enough by us, Menalcus may be said, Of the first Shepheards, and that lovely Maid Whose eyes, cou'd seven years servitude allay, And make them doubl'd seem but as a day. �Now, to the silver streams their flock they led, Now, where the friendly beech his arms had spread Wide open, to envite 'em to his shade, 50 �Behold the happy pair, securely lay'd. Oh Israel! how did Heav'n thy joys approve, Who plac'd thy profitt, where itt plac'd thy Love? This, be my subject, while with reverend awe My words, from what they cannot reach, withdraw. Begin my Muse, begin the tender song, The season sha'nt be cold, nor shall the Night be long, �Menalc : �As much this Song (att other times approv'd) Wou'd grate thy hearers, with those wonders mov'd, As if wild gourds were offer'd to the taste, 60 �When the full Vine with purple fruit was grac't. �As if, Dametas shou'd to sing encline, And raise his voyce, when we expected thine. �But lett thy Muse attempt that Nobler song, The season sha'nt be cold, nor shall the night be long. �Dam : �Then be itt so, tho' much I fear to try The lofty measures of a flight so high: The fallen Moon, had now her beams withdrawn, ��� �