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Poet Lore
Poet Lore


One-act Play for the Library Table

By Jaroslav Vrchlicky

Translated from the Bohemian by Charles Recht[1]

Miss Liberty's Chief Jester and Wit, the Adorable Andre
Tridon, to him this translation is dedicated


Karel Proskovec, journalist.
Cilka, his wife.
Bohdan Navratil, a novelist, her brother.

(Plain, simple, furnished library of modern design. A large desk, upon which are books and papers. At the window, a small embroidery table; between windows a couch, and at extreme left a hearth. Table with chairs in middle. Karel Proskovec is sitting at the desk and writing. Cilka is working at the embroidery table and Bohdan is drowsing on the couch; he holds a closed book in his hand.)

Cilka.—Going to the theater to-night?

Karel.—Certainly, there is a premiere.

Cilka.—And who, may I ask, is the fortunate one?

Karel (still writing; with a slight irony).—Who else, my dear, than our beloved Bohdan. For him open not only the portals of the theater but also those of immortal glory. Whenever there is a première it is always a triumphal day of Bohdan's.

Bohdan (suddenly jumping up from the couch).—Does it not tire you to annoy me all the time? Pray do tell me what pleasure you find in it? (Turns suddenly to Cilka.) You do not believe him do you, Cilka? During the eight years of your married life, I presume you have learned to know

  1. Copyright, 1913, by Charles Recht
    Copyright, 1913, by The Poet Lore Company.All Rights Reserved.