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tuitous education. His existence was disturbed by many annoyances, and he died in his twenty- eighth year, when it was believed he had purified and elevated his style. Kazinczy published his poems, (Pest, 1813,) and has devoted a preface to an interesting and touching account of a favorite and friend.

Verseghy's Prosody is a great improvement on that of most of his predecessors. He, too, has written a Grammar of the Magyar, which, though less profound and critical than Revai's, is a very useful work. His poetry has not much that is original, but he made the best use of the powers he possessed, and elaborated his productions into correctness. The place of his birth was Szolnok; of his education, Eger. He became a member of the religious order of the Paulists, and when it was suppressed he entered the army during the Turkish campaign. Ill health compelled him to abandon the military profession, and he became a frequent and a valuable contributor to the Magyar Museum. He wrote on Thorough Bass, being an excellent singer, and on many topics of history, theology, and ethics. But being involved in political discussions, he was proceeded against capitally, and his sentence commuted to a nine years' imprisonment, which ended in 1804. He pub-