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in Michigan, he knew in a general way that to reach the land and the people who were to show him by their lives the better way to form his own life, he must go east. He decided that the further east he went the more beautiful life would become, and that he had bet- ter not try going too far in the beginning. ; ' I'll go into the northern part of Indiana or Ohio," he told himself. There must be beautiful towns in those places." Hugh was boyishly eager to get on his way and to become at once a part of the life in a new place. The gradual awakening of his mind had given him courage, and he thought of himself as armed and ready for asso- ciation with men. He wanted to become acquainted with and be the friend of people whose lives were beau- tifully lived and who were themselves beautiful and full of significance. As he sat on the steps of the rail- road station in the poor little Missouri town with his bag beside him, and thought of all the things he wanted to do in life, his mind became so eager and restless that some of its restlessness was transmitted to his body. For perhaps the first time in his life he arose with- out conscious effort and walked up and down the sta- tion platform out of an excess of energy. He thought he could not bear to wait until the train came and brought the man who was to take his place. ' Well, I'm going away, I'm going away to be a man among men," he said to himself over and over. The saying became a kind of refrain and he said it unconsciously. As he repeated the words his heart beat high in antici- pation of the future he thought lay before him.