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prophecies concerning what would happen in America. " I tell you, the country isn't going to stay as it is," he said earnestly. " In eastern towns the change has al- ready come. Factories are being built and every one is going to work in the factories. It takes an old man like me to see how that changes their lives. Some of the men stand at one bench and do one thing not only for hours but for days and years. There are signs hung up saying they mustn't talk. Some of them make more money than they did before the factories came, but I tell you it's like being in prison. What would you say if I told you all America, all you fellows who talk so big about freedom, are going to be put in a prison, eh? " And there's something else. In New York there are already a dozen men who are worth a million dol- lars. Yes, sir, I tell you it's true, a million dollars. What do you think of that, eh? " Judge Hanby grew excited and, inspired by the ab- sorbed attention of his audience, talked of the sweep of events. In England, he explained, the cities were con- stantly growing larger, and already almost every one either worked in a factory or owned stock in a factory. " In New England it is getting the same way fast," he explained. ' The same thing'll happen here. Farm- ing'll be done with tools. Almost everything now done by hand'll be done by machinery. Sorne'll grow rich and some poor. The thing is to get educated, yes, sir, that's the thing, to get ready for what's coming. It's the only way. The younger generation has got to be sharper and shrewder." The words of the old man, who had been in many places and had seen men and cities, were repeated in the