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Centenarians, Physical Condition of 253
Chameleonization in Frogs and Reptiles 376
Chemical Influence of Light 766
Cholera, Origin of 381
Civilization as Accumulated Force 602
Clever Fishes 529
Coal as a Reservoir of Power 738
Coal-Gas, Purification of 503
Coal-Lands of the Rocky Mountains 632
Coal, Weather-Waste of 374
Coast Survey, The Work of the 763
Comets, What becomes of? 246
Concerning Atoms 245
Concerning Crookes 126
Condiments, Physiological Influence of 701
Consanguineous Marriages and Idiocy 250
Consciousness after Decapitation 252
Cooling and Ventilation of Railway Carriages 251
Copper in Organized Structures 253
Corals and Coral Architecture 257
"Corals and Coral Islands" (by J. D. Dana), Notice of 241
Corpulence 445
Cow's Milk, Fungi in 636
Culture of Wild Plants 376

Dana, James D. (with Portrait) 362
""Honors to 253
Darwinism and Divinity 188
Detection of Alum in Bread 509
"Dictionary of English Etymology" (Wedgewood), Notice of 118
Difficulties of the Social Science Objective Difficulties 641
Discovery of the Elements 474
Disease, Gull on the Nature of 122
"Propagation of 509
Disinfection and Disinfectants 55
Dyspepsia, the Causes of 75

Early Superstitions of Medicine 95
Earthquake Waves, Measurement of 586
Eastern Thibet 379
Eclipse of the Sun. (Illustrated.) 17
Education, Modern Studies in 496
"Place of Science in 624
Effects of Faulty Vision in Painting 174
Emotion, the Physiology of 274
English against the Classics 707
Evolution, Mr. Martineau on 313
Experiments on the Solar Spectrum 631
Exploring Expeditions, Northern 508

Facts in Relation to Rainfall 504