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Lyell, Sir Charles (with Portrait) 231

Magnetic Variations 254
Man, Natural History of, The Antiquity of Man. (Illustrated.) 208
"""The Unity of the Human Species 61
"""Migrations of 299
Man as an Object of Scientific Study 366
Man, Quetelet on the Science of 45
Man as the Interpreter of Nature 684
Measurement of Earthquake Waves 586
Meat, Liebig's Extract of 373
"Preservation of 637
Medicine, The Early Superstitions of 95
Mental Exertions governed by Law 762
Meteors of August and November 385
"Michael Faraday," Gladstone, Notice of 627
Modern Literatures in the Higher Education 396
Modern Studies in Education 496
Moral Contagion 618
Morse, Prof., The Work of 115
Motions of the Stars 541
Mount Seward, Ascent of 636
Musical Mice 323
Musical Mice 510

Natural History of Man 61
Natural History of Man 208
Natural History of Man 299
Nature of the Social Science 513
New Jersey, Arrow-heads in 253
Niagara, the Past and Future of 564
"Niagara" (by G. W. Holley), Notice of 756
Northern Exploring Expeditions 508
Nutritive Salts of Food 405
Notes 128
Notes 254
Notes 383
Notes 511
Notes 640
Notes 767

Observations on the Hydrogen Flame 377
On the Derivation of American Plants 724
Origin of Cholera 381
Our Need of a Social Science 1
Oxygen, The Discoverer of 368

Painting, Effects of Faulty Vision in 174
Past and Future of Niagara 564
Permanent Photographs 250
Petroleum in Santo Domingo 766
Photographing the Eye and Ear 766
Physical Condition of Centenarians 253
"Science, the Study of 451
"Degeneracy, the Causes of 482
Physiological Action of Caffeine 253
"Influence of Condiments 701
"Physiology of Man" (by Prof. Austin Flint, Jr.), Notice of 756
Place of Science in Education 624