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President of Neophogen College.—(From the Catalogue.)

the West." Besides, "it is within a few hours' ride of Epperson, Red, Castalian, or Tyree Springs. Any kind of mineral water can be had at the College, if desired."

But piecemeal quoting is useless; we need a longer sample of this descriptive part of the catalogue. Let us take a page at once, with all its headings:

"The Two Cumberlands,

with banks and crests adorned by the noblest monarchs of the forest, and embracing the lovely valley between, make the land of the poet's dream and the home of the artist's heart.

"Health and Wealth

are here combined with 3,500 citizens, who cannot be surpassed for intelligence and refinement.

"No Parallel

can be found (estimating the population) to the ten first-class turnpikes leading into this little city of enterprise. These fine roads are valuable auxiliaries to