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Prof. Abbe, "General Physics" by Prof. Barker, "Chemistry" by the same, "Geology" by Prof. T. Sterry Hunt, and so on, the different departments of "Scientific and Industrial Progress" being attended to by writers of recognized competence. In compiling the second division of the volume, which consists of condensed abstracts of papers on scientific and industrial work, the editor has been assisted by a strong corps of writers, among whom we may name Profs. F. W. Clarke, Cope, F. V. Hayden, Major Powell, and Lieutenant Wheeler.




Bible of Humanity. By J. Michelet. New York: Bonton. Pp. 374. Price, $3.

Engineering Construction. By J. E. Shields. New York: Van Nostrand. Pp. 138. Price, $1.50;

Sanitary Condition of Dwelling-Houses. By G. E. Waring, Jr. Van Nostrand. Pp. 145. Price, 50 cents.

Inorganic Chemistry. Vol. II., Metals. By T. E. Thorpe. New York: Putnam's Sons. Pp. 406. Price. $1.50.

Weighing and Measuring. By H. W. Chisholm. New York: Macmillan. Pp. 208. Price, $1.50.

"The Jukes." By R. L. Dugdale. New York: Putnam's Sons. Pp. 121. Price, $1.25.

Daily Bulletin of the Signal Service. With Charts. Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 185.

The Locust Plague in the United States. By C. V. Riley. Chicago: Rand, McNally & Co. Pp. 236. Price, cloth, $1.25; paper, $1.

Physical Geography. By A. Geikie. New York: Macmillan. Pp. 391. Price, $1.75.

General History of Connecticut. By Rev. S. Peters. New York: Appletons. Pp. 285. Price, $1.50.

Report of the Milwaukee School Board. Milwaukee: Keogh print. Pp. 396.

Compendium of Facts and Events. By E. Emery. Peoria. 111.: Transcript print. Pp. 517. Price, $8.

New Constructions in Graphical Statics. By H. T. Eddy. New York: Van Nostrand. Pp. 62. Price, $1.50.

Telegraphic Determination of Longitude. By Lieutenant-Commander F. M. Green, U.S.N. Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 102.

Metallurgical Review. Vol. I., No. 1. Monthly. New York: David Williams. Pp. 100. Price, $5 per year.

Report of the Peabody Museum. Cambridge: Printed by order of the Trustees. Pp. 167.

Brooklyn Monthly. G. F. Beecher, editor. Vol. I., No. 2. Pp. 18. Price. $1 per year.

Relations of Pain to Weather. By Dr. S. W. Mitchell. Philadelphia: Collins print. Pp. 25.

Photograph of the Trotting Horse Occident. By Muybridge. San Francisco.

Fishes of Upper Georgia. By D. S. Jordan. Salem Press print. Pp. 70.

Molecule and Atom, By G. F. Barker. From Proceedings of American Association. Pp. 23.

Heredity. By Dr. E. N. Brush. Buffalo: Hansman & Burow print. Pp. 12.

Personal Appearance. By T. S. Soziuskey, M.D. Philadelphia: Allen, Lane & Scott. Pp. 196. Price, $1.25.

Materialism and Pedagogy. By W. H. Wynn. Gettysburg, Pa.: Wible print. Pp. 22.

Brain of Procamelus Occidentalis. By E. D. Cope. Pp. 4. With Plate.

Green River Shales. By E. D. Cope. Pp. 10.

Rationale of compressing Cotton. By S. H. Gilman. New Orleans: Hyatt print. Pp. 52.

Lectures and Essays. By Dr. V. W. Blanchard. New York: Blanchard Food-Cure Company. Pp. 67. Price, 10 cents.

Hay-Fever. By Dr. E. J. Marsh. Newark, N.J.: Harrdham print. Pp. 26.

New Method in Solar Spectrum Analysis. By S. P. Langley. From American Journal of Science and Art. Pp. 6.

Anglo-American Primer. By Elieza Bœrdman Burnz. New York: Burnz & Co., Fonetic Publishers. Price, 15 cents.

Annual Meeting of the Free Religious Association (1877). Boston: The Association. Pp. 95. Price, 40 cents.

Venous Circulation. By Dr. W. F. Glenn. Nashville: Marshall & Bruce print. Pp. 4.

Pacific School and Home Journal. Vol. I., No. 6. San Francisco: Lyser & Co. Monthly. Pp. 40. Price, $2 per year.

Darwin on Fertilization of Flowers. By T. Meehan. From Penn Monthly. Pp. 10.

The Glacial Period in the Southern Hemisphere. By T. Belt. From London Quarterly Journal of Science. Pp. 30.

Serpent and Siva Worship. By Hyde Clarke and C. S. Wake. New York: Bouton. Pp. 48. Price, 50 cents.

The American Bison. By J. A. Allen. Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 144.

A Scientific Course of Study. By C. E. Bessey. Grinnell, Iowa: Aurora print. Pp. 11.

Electrical Conduction. By R. C. Kedzie. Pp. 8.

Criminality. By Dr. W. G. Stevenson. From the Sanitarian. Pp. 23.

Glacial Ice Deposits. By G. Sutton. From Proceedings of American Association. Pp. 7.

American Homœopathist (monthly). Vol. 1., No. 1. Chicago: Chatterton & Co. Pp. 40. Price, $2 per year.

Notes from the Chemical Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University. Pp. 16.

Proceedings of the Davenport Academy of Sciences. Vol. 11., Part 1. Davenport Gazette print. Pp. 148. Price, $3 per volume.

Inscribed Tablets from Davenport, Iowa. Pp. 22. With Plates. From the same.

Heredity, Pauperism, and Crime. By Dr. E. H. Parker, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Pp. 12.

School Discipline. By J. Kennedy. Syracuse, N. Y.: Davis, Bardeen & Co. Pp. 23.

Electrometers. By J. T. Bottomley. New York: Macmillan. Pp. 33. Price, 20 cents.

Veratrum Viride. By Dr. J. S. Lynch. Baltimore: Innes & Co. print. Pp. 8.



The American Association for the Advancement of Science met at Nashville, Tennessee, on Wednesday, August 29th, Prof. Simon Newcomb presiding. The sessions continued for four days. Prof. O. C. Marsh, of Tale College, was elected President of the