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Educational Literature, Specimens of. (Illustrated.) 713
Education and Crime 380
Education as a Science 391
Electric Candle. (Illustrated.) 429
Elementary Instruction in Physiology 668
Emperor, A Philosophic 461
Evolution, Cosmic and Organic 672
Evolution of the Family 129
Evolution of the Family 257
Evolution Theory, Sir Wyville Thomson on 126
Excitations, Transmission of. (Illustrated.) 230
Expedition, Scientific, around the World 249
Experiments, Simple, in Optics. (Illustrated.) 658
Extinction of a Prehistoric Race 124
Extirpation of our Larger Mammals 253
Eyes, Hygiene of the 506

Family, Evolution of the 129
Family, Evolution of the 257
Family and State 370
Farrier, Art of the 378
Fermentation 363
Fermentation and Disease 236
Fisher, G. J., Circulation of the Blood 294
Fishes, Odd Forms among. (Illustrated.) 525
Fishing, Modes of, in China 251
Florida Keys, Fauna and Flora of 637
Flowers, Change of Tint in 633
Forces, Initiatory 156
Foster, Michael, Protoplasm 422
Foster, G. F., Gravitation 37
Fruit-Culture in England 249

Gar-Pike, Habitat of 366
Gar-Pikes. (Illustrated.) 1
Gar-Pikes. (Illustrated.) 186
Garver, J. A., Matches 413
Geological Changes in Colorado 510
Geological Estimates 638
Geological Time, A New Measure of 509
Germs, Destruction of 124
Gold, Divisibility of 74
Grasshoppers, Extermination of 126
Gravitation 37
Ground-Air. (Illustrated.) 280
Guillemin, A., New Star 59

Habits of Ants 39
Haeckel, Ernst, Bathybius 641
Heat, Influence of, on Galvanic Conductivity 123
Heat and Motion, and Political Economy 329
Heredity in Nervous Diseases 332
Heresy, The Latest Cases of 494