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Progress, Indications of 753
Protoplasm, Import of 422
Psychic Phenomena 253
Psycho-Physiological Sciences 721

Rabbits in New Zealand 379
Rare Minerals in Colorado 632
Rayet, G., The Observatories of Italy 538
Relation of Air to the House we live in 196
Relative Importance of Ideas 108
Remains that were not Prehistoric 631
Renan, E., Spinoza 216
Retina, Retention of Impressions by 252
Retinal Nerves, Action of the 381
Retrospect and Prospect 513
Rumor, A Baseless 241

Saline Deposit, A Curious 236
Salt-Bed at Goderich 505
Sawdust as Manure 507
Schneider, E., Tides 271
Science and War 599
Science, How it is advanced in Norway 125
Sellers, G. E., Pottery 573
Seelye on Civilization and Religion 621
Seventeen-Year Locusts 765
Sewing-Machine, The, in Political Economy 481
Shad in the Ohio 505
Siberia, Reopening Route to 378
Silk Fabrics 636
Silver-bearing Sandstones 764
Simmons, W. E., Aqueducts 26
Singing in the Ears 104
Skeptic, A Philosophic, how reconciled to Religious Faith 487
Smith, G., Decline of Party Government 734
Snoring, and how to stop it. (Illustrated.) 704
Space, New Ideas about 364
Space, New Ideas about 749
Sparrow, The English 506
Specimens of Educational Literature. (Illustrated.) 713
Spencer, Herbert, Evolution of the Family 129
Spencer, Herbert, Evolution of the Family 257
""Status of Women 433
""Retrospect and Prospect 513
Spinoza 216
Spiritualism, Carpenter on 750
Spiritualism, Mesmerism, etc. 12
Spiritualism, Mesmerism, etc. 161
Spontaneous Generation 381
Standard Time, Distribution of, in the United States 174
Status of Women and Children 433
Steel-Bronze Cannon 632
Stewart, Balfour, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 359