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der the designation of "steam turbine," it has been applied with some satisfactory effect to the production of very high velocity of rotation.

13. We now come to the first instance in which the expansive

PSM V12 D032 Branca steam engine.jpg
Fig. 5.—Branca's Steam-Engine, a. d. 1629.

force of steam is supposed to have actually been applied to do important and useful work.

In 1663, Edward Somerset, second Marquis of Worcester, published a curious collection of descriptions of his inventions, couched in obscure

PSM V12 D032 Edward Somerset.jpg
Edward Somerset, Second Marquis of Worcester.

and singular language, and called a "Century of the Names and Scantlings of Inventions by me already practised."

One of these inventions is an apparatus for raising water by steam.