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Igneous Rocks, Organic Matter in 688
Iles, G., Heredity 356
Important Discovery in Entomology 836
Improved Domestic Economy 395
In an Ants' Nest 693
India, English Rule in 404
Inoculation, Antiquity of. 695
Insect Ragman 839
Insects and Colored Flowers 529
Intra-Mercurial Planets. (Illustrated.) 714
Investigating the Cotton-Worm 406
Iron, Protection of, from Rust 687

Japan, An Early Race in. (Illustrated.) 257
Japan, Science Lectures in 388
Japanese Fermented Liquors 252
Judson, J. A., Drinking-Water 44

Kneeland, S., The Monstrous in Art 731
Kuntze, O., The Peopling of America 78

Language and the Emotions 190
Lardner, Dr., and Ocean Steam-Navigation 529
Lardner, Dr., and Ocean Steam-Navigation 673
Leaves, Physical Functions of. (Illustrated.) 365
Le Conte, J., Sociology and Biology 325
Le Conte, J., Sociology and Biology 425
Lee, H., Singing Mice 102
Leland, E. E., Mites, Ticks, and other Acari 502
Lingual Study, An Historian's Notion of 819
Lockyer on the Chemical Elements 533
Lockyer on the Chemical Elements 600

Making Sound Vibrations visible 834
Malaria, Vehicles of 544
Mammoth, The Arctic, when it came 689
Man, Early Traces of 794
Manufacture of Sea-Salt at San Francisco 247
Map-making, History of 830
Maury, M. F., Black Diamonds 337
Medicine, what it owes to Galileo 403
Mercurial Deposit on Animal Teeth 125
Metric System, shall we adopt it? 757
Microphone, The, does it magnify Sound? 233
Mill, J. S. 697
Mineral White, A New 126
Mining Engineering in the United States 403
Mites, Ticks, and other Acari. (Illustrated. 502
Molecular Dynamics 373
Monstrous, The, in Art 731
More Room for the Sciences 674
Morse, E. S., An Early Race in Japan 257
Mortillet, G. de. Early Traces of Man 794