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Solar Light and Heat: the Source and Supply. Gravitation; with Explanations of Planetary and Molecular Forces. By Zachary Allen, LL. D. D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 241. Price, $1.50.

Dr. Allen published an elaborate work in 1851, entitled "The Philosophy of the Mechanics of Nature." The present volume is a sequel to that publication, and, besides embodying its results, it involves further researches into the origin of molecular forces, of gravitation, and also of solar light and heat. The author's fundamental idea is, that molecular forces have their origin in the mechanical motions of great masses of matter; or that the heat, light, and radiant energy of space, acting upon the earth to produce all its activities, originate in the rotary and orbital movements of the sun and planets. The radiant forces are engendered and transmitted by means of a universal, electric, ethereal medium, and a large portion of his volume is devoted to an elucidation of electrical effects and laws which go to prove that the solar system is a mighty electric and electro-magnetic engine. Dr. Allen's views are comprehensive and interesting; it is for physicists to judge of the evidence of their validity.

First Book of Qualitative Chemistry. By Albert R. Prescott, Professor of Applied Chemistry in the University of Michigan. Van Nostrand. Pp. 160. Price, $1.50.

This volume has been prepared primarily for use under teachers who also employ the author's larger work upon Qualitative Analysis. It is, therefore, a working laboratory-book, useful for classes who desire to take a short course in practical, qualitative chemistry. It is designed to afford as much insight as possible into chemical action, and prepares for a more definite study of acids and bases than is usual in such rudimentary books. The name of the author gives assurance of the excellence of the work.

Electro-Metallurgy practically treated.By Alexander Watt, F. R. S. S. A. D. Van Nostrand. Pp. 195. Price, $1.

Here is the sixth edition of a technological hand-book, the merit of which is thus fully attested; for those who have bought it are naturally those who wanted to use it, and it has thus been subjected to the sharpest trial. It describes the processes of electro-gilding, electro-plating, and coating of surfaces by electro-deposition; and is full of the information required by the artisan in this field of industry. The volume is an interesting record of recent improvements, and is especially full in details concerning the electro-deposition of nickel, which is just supplanting silver as a protective and ornamental coating for other metals.



The Californian. A Western Monthly Journal. Vol. I., No. 1. January, 1880. San Francisco: The A. Roman Publishing Co. Pp. 100. 25 cents a number, $3 a year.

Industrial Education, or the Equal Cultivation of the Head, the Heart, and the Hand. An Address, by Professor Alexander Hogg, before the National Educational Association at Philadelphia, July 31, 1879. Pp. 15.

Mathematics in a Dilemma. By Lawrence S. Benson. New York: W. T. Hyde & Co. 1879. Pp. 17.

Prospectus of the Manual Training School of Washington University. St. Louis, Missouri: Globe-Democrat Printing Co. November, 1879. Pp. 24.

The Relation between Language and Ideas. A Lecture by M. A. Clancy, before the Teachers' Institute of Alexandria, Virginia, September 19, 1879. Pp. 27.

Sermons of M. J. Savage. Series on the Morals of Evolution. VII. The Relativity of Duty. Pp. 19. VIII. Real and Conventional Virtues and Vices. Pp. 16. Boston, December 12, 1879.

Notice of New Jurassic Mammals. By Professor O. C. Marsh. Reprinted from "American Journal of Science and Arts." December, 1879. Pp. 5. Illustrated.

Legends of Sepulchral and Perpetual Lamps. By Professor H. Carrington Bolton. London, 1879. Pp. 9.

Report of the Committee on Correspondence appointed by the New York State Association of School Commissioners and Superintendants, on Modes of School Supervision and Administration in the Schools of the State. Pp. 60.

Sensibility, Intelligence, Instinct, and Mind. By A. J. Howe, M. D. Cincinnati, 1879. Pp. 8.

The Berkeley Quarterly. A Journal of Social Science. Published by the Fortnightly Club, Berkeley, California. Vol. I., No. 1. January, 1880. Pp. 80. 50 cents a number. $2 a year.

Eighth Report of the State Entomologist on the Noxious and Beneficial Insects of Illinois. By Cyrus Thomas, Ph. D. . State Entomologist, Springfield. 1879. Pp. 212, with Index.

Double-Star Observations made in 1877-'78 at Dearborn Observatory, Chicago, comprising: I. A Catalogue of 251 New Double Stars, with Measures; II. Micrometrical Measures of 500 Double Stars. By Sherburne Wesley Burnham. Reprinted from the Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society. Pp. 167.

How to study Phrenology, including the First Principles or Outlines of Phrenology. By H. S. Drayton, A. M. New York: S. R. Wells & Co. 1880. Illustrated.

The Workshop Companion: A Collection of Useful and Reliable Recipes, Rules, Processes,