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In a similar manner it can be used to drive any sort of light machinery, scroll-saws, dental engines, jewelers' lathes, coffee-mills, etc. One of the uses to which it is peculiarly well adapted is the blowing of organs. By a very simple mechanism the performer is given complete control over it, so that the bellows may be kept continually full. Among the heavier uses to which it has been applied are the running

Fig. 3.
PSM V18 D236 Water turbine driven sewing machine.jpg

of printing-presses and the lifting of merchandise elevators in business houses. To all these uses it is in every way adapted, as it is always ready for use, is no expense except when running, needs no care, and is without danger. The extreme simplicity of the motor enables the makers to place it on the market at a very low first cost, varying from fifteen dollars in the case of the seven-inch to two hundred and seventy-five in that of the forty-five inch double wheel.

The cost of operating these motors depends upon the locality in which they are used. In New York and Philadelphia the insufficiency of the water-supply prevents their use at all, but in most other places in this country they can be used at but nominal rates. The average