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I N D E X.

Accomplishments, The Value of 496
Adams, C. K. 123
Æsthetic Evolution in Man 339
Africa, Eastern, Mr. Thomson's Journey in 856
Africans, Craniology of the 429
Allen, Professor Grant 339
American Institute Fair, The 127
Animals or Plants? 430
Animals, The Sense of Direction in 122
Antarctic Expedition, An 431
Anthropological Society, The German 425
Ants, About 696
Apes, Young, Studies of 426
Appleton, Thomas G. 539
Arctic Journey, Lieutenant Schwatka's 277
Art, Evolution and Originality in 697
Association, The French 141
Asteroids, The, and Jupiter 715
Attention, Expectant, in Animals 285
Aubrey-Vitet, M. E. 806
Automatic Brake, The Westinghouse 140

Barbarism, Lingering 638
Barton, Boiling W., M.D. 262
Beard, George M., M.D. 170
Binding, Deterioration of, in Libraries 718
Birds, English and American 142
Birds, Singular Powers in 853
Bolton, Professor H. Carrington, Ph.D. 191
Bone-Caves in Pennsylvania 707
Books noticed:
"Two Worlds are Ours" (Macmillan) 129
"A True Republic" (Stickney) 129
"An Elementary Text-Book of Botany" (Prantl and Vines) 132
"Contributions to the Archaeology of Missouri" 133
"Life on the Seashore" (Emerton) 133
"Introduction to the Mortuary Customs among the North American Indians" (Yarrow) 133
"Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College" (Pickering, Searle, and Upton) 134
"The Hair, its Growth, Care, Diseases, and Treatment" (Leonard) 134
"Essays on Art and Archæology" (Newton) 134

vol. xviii.—55