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Books noticed: PAGE
"The Relations of Science to Modern Life" (Potter) 705
"Learning to Draw" (Viollet-le-Duc) 706
"A Text-Book of Elementary Mechanics" (Dana) 706
"Summary of Substantialism" (Story) 706
"The Feeling of Effort" (James) 706
"Food for Invalids" (Fothergill and Wood) 843
"Study of Indian Languages" (Powell) 844
"Geology of the High Plateaus of Utah" (Dutton) 844
"The Power of Movement in Plants" (Darwin) 845
"The Study of Political Economy" (Cossa) 848
"Young Folks' Cyclopedia of Persons and Places" (Champlin) 848
"James Smithson and his Bequest" (Rhees) 848
"Culture of the Sugar-Beet" (McMurtrie) 849
"Sanskrit and its Kindred Literatures" (Poor) 849
"High Schools" (Northrop) 849
"Geological and Natural History of Minnesota" 850
"Noxious and Beneficial Insects of Illinois" (Thomas) 850
"Abridgment of the Nautical Almanac for 1881" 850
Breath, Temperature of the 708
British Association, The Fiftieth Meeting of the 138
Brunton, T. Lauder, M. D., F.R.S. 226
Brunton, T. Lauder, M. D., F.R.S. 374
Buckland, Mr. Frank 812
Buckley, Arabella B. 96
Burglar-Alarm, The Electric 56
Burns, Professor E. S. 760

Calvin, S. 610
Carhart, Professor H. A. 513
Caribbean Sea, The Deep Valley of the 287
Caves in Japan 143
Cerebral Localization 599
Chahoon, George 122
Change as a Mental Restorative 285
Chasles, Michel, Sketch of 840
Chemical Affinity, A New Theory of 717
Chemical Elements, Evolution of the 526
Chronology, History of 760
Clarke, Professor F. W. 337
Climatology of Europe 716
Coal, A Piece of 610
Consumption and Climates 284
Coral, Rate of Growth of 719
Correspondence 122
Correspondence 262
Correspondence 696
Cox, Sir George W. 468
Crane, Professor T. F. 824
Criticisms Corrected. (Herbert Spencer) 101
Criticisms Corrected. (Herbert Spencer) 387
Crust of the Earth, M. Faye's Theory of the 574
Cyclone, A Miniature 264

Death, Distinctions between Real and Apparent 401
De Costa, B. F. 31