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of Individual Conditions," such as sex, age, vocation, profession, and individual status in government and society. Here also, as in the former chapter, we are tempted to give results which space forbids. But in regard to sex it may be remarked that, so

PSM V20 D290 Age of suicides in italy prussia england and france.png

Fig. 2. Age of Suicides in Italy, Prussia, England, and France. (Curve of the returns per 1,000 of the actual numbers.)

profoundly different are the characteristics of the sexes, we might expect a great difference in their proneness to suicide, and such is the fact. But the result is different from what we should expect if we accept the statements of reformers, who tell us

PSM V20 D290 Influence of the civil status and of the family on the tendency to suicide.png

Fig. 3. Influence of the Civil Status (Italy) and of the Family (France) on the Tendency to Suicide. U unmarried, M married, W widowed; Mc married with children, Mcs married childless, Wc widowed with children, Wcs widowed childless.