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Boston Water-Supply, Purification of the 136
Bowen, Eliza A. 218
Brachiopoda, The Systematic Position of the 428
Brandt, K. 836
British Schools, Sanitary Reports of 138
Brown, Allan D. 773
Brown, Rev. E. Woodward 60
Brush, Professor George J. 795
Bryce, Peter, M.D. 239
Buell, Charles J. 122
Burmese Tribe, A Curious 328
Burnett, Dr. Swan M. 86

California, The Eucalyptus in 710
Carpenter, Dr. William B 178
Chemistry in High-Schools 218
Chinese, The: Their Manners and Customs 679
Cities, The Development of. (Illustrated.) 391
Civilization, Food and 282
Clarke, F. W. 171
Climate, Forests and 562
Clouds? What are 751
Coal-Dust, Diseases from 718
College Government 549
College Officers, The Appointment of 171
Collens, Hon. T. Wharton 470
Color-Blindness and Color-Perception 86
Color-Names and Color-Sense 719
Correspondence 121
Correspondence 406
Country, The Topmost, of the Earth 527
Culture, Science and 123
Cushing, F. H. 186
Cuttle-Fishes, Past and Present of the. (Illustrated.) 753

Darwin, Charles R., LL.D., Sketch of 260
Darwin, Charles Robert 266
Darwin Memorial, The 699
Davis, Charles E., L.B. 121
Deaf and Dumb, Lip-Teaching for the 858
Deaf-Mutes, Provincial Accents among 279
Decay, How Plants resist 524
De Rochas, M.A. 645
Diamonds, Brazilian, and their Origin 610
Dieulafait, M. 826
Discovery, Egyptological 716
Discussion, A Premature 376
Disease, Progress of the Germ Theory of 462
Disinfectants, Value of 863
Döllinger, Dr. J. von 205
Döllinger, Dr. J. von 300
Donkin, Horatio 634
Doubt, Delusions of 788