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trils are spacious, and chambered in their anterior region; the orbits are of moderate size and elongated along the vertical. The temporal fossa is limited above and below by a bony arch, a disposition which is otherwise found among living lizards only in the Hatteria. The

PSM V24 D370 Iguanodon bernissartensis.jpg
Fig. 4.—Iguanodon Bernissartensis.—(At the Brussels Royal Museum of Natural History. Restored and mounted by M. L. F. Depauw.)
Head: a, left nostril; b, left orbit; c, left temporal fossa. Vertebral column: d, cervical region; e, dorso-lumbar region; f, sacral region: g, caudal region; h, left scapula; i, left coracoid; k, left humerus; l, left ulna; m, left radius; n, sternum; o, left ilium; p, left pubis; q, left post-pubis; r, left ischium; s, left femur; t, left tibia; u, left fibula; v, third trochanter. I, II, III, IV, V, digits; X, diagrammatic transverse section of the body between the fore and hind limbs.