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PSM V24 D644 Pyramids of san juan teotihuacan.jpg
Fig. 5.—Pyramids of San Juan Teotihuacan.

At Papantla, in the State of Vera Cruz, is a pyramid remarkable for its symmetry, built of immense stones of porphyry, regularly cut and finely polished, many of which are covered with hieroglyphics, with carvings of serpents and crocodiles.

PSM V24 D644 Toltec palace at tula.jpg
Fig. 6.—Toltec Palace at Tula.

The Museum of the city of Mexico contains a sacrificial stone, and a number of the idols of Aztec worship. We give cuts of two of these idols—Quetzalcoatl, the chief god of the people, and a feathered serpent.

The Marquis de Nadaillac, who has lately reviewed the whole sub-