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Books noticed: PAGE
"The Iroquois Book of Rites" (Hale) 126
"The Homœopathic Leader" (Cowl) 126
"A Practical Arithmetic" (Wentworth and Hill) 126
"The Yellowstone National Park" (Winser) 127
"How can we escape Insanity?" (Page) 127
"Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic" (Bloxam) 127
"Manual of Taxidermy" (Maynard) 127
"Revista de Agricultura" (De Adan) 127
"Brain-Rest" (Corning) 128
"On the Conservation of Solar Energy" (Siemens) 128
"A New Theory of the Origin of Species" (Ferris) 128
"The American Citizen's Manual" (Ford) 128
"Faust's Laws of Health" (Kopp) 128
"Cobbett's How to get on in the World" (Waters) 129
"French Forest Ordinance of 1669" (Brown) 129
"The Pine Moth of Nantucket" (Scudder) 129
"A Book about Roses" (Hale) 129
"Authors and Publishers" 130
"Record for the Sick-Room" 130
"Contributions to the History of Lake Bonneville" (Gilbert) 130
"Libraries and Readers" (Foster) 130
"Libraries and Schools" (Green) 130
"Handsaws, their Use, Care, and Abuse" (Hodgson) 131
"Studies in Logic" 131
"Deep Breathing" (Ciccolina) 131
"Books for the Young" (Hewins) 131
"The Modern Sphinx" (Savage) 131
"On the Relations of Micro-organisms to Disease" (Belfield) 132
"Hand-Book of Vertebrate Dissection" (Martin and Moale) 132
"Die Kupferlegirungen," etc. (Reyer) 132
"Die Korperliche Eigenschaften der Japaner" (Baelz) 132
"What Social Classes owe to each other" (Sumner) 271
"Report, New York State Experiment Station," 1882 272
"Report, Connecticut State Board of Health" 272
"Report, Smithsonian Institution," 1881 273
"God and Creation" (Howison) 273
"Worcester's New School Dictionary" 273
"Historical Studies" (Coan) 274
"The Factors of Civilization" 274
"History of the New York State Teachers' Association" (Kirk) 274
"Verbal Pitfalls" (Bardeen) 274
"Astronomy" (Newcomb and Holden) 274
"Finland; its Forests and Forest Management" (Brown) 274
"God out and Man in" (Piatt) 275
A Correction (Spencer's "Descriptive Sociology") 275
"The Law of Heredity" (Brooks) 416
"Cobbett's English Grammar" (Ayres) 417
"Das Studium der Staatswissenschaften in Amerika" (James) 418
"Twelfth Report Geological and Geographical Survey of Territories" (Hayden) 418