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Queues, Severed, The Chinese Superstition of 861

Race Divisions, Indistinctness of 717
Radau, M. R. 169
Rainbows, On 659
Raisins, How, are dried 135
Randall, O. E 555
Religion, Influence of the Environment on 6
Religious Retrospect and Prospect 340
Remedies, The, of Nature 45
Remedies, The, of Nature 196
Remedies, The, of Nature 454
Remedies, The, of Nature 628
Remedies, The, of Nature 800
Reply, A, to Editorial Statements 701
Richards, Professor E. L. 446
Richards, Professor E. L. 587
River, A Subterranean, in Austria 859
Rocks, Sub-aërial Decay of 714
Rowland, Professor H. A. 30

Salt, Use of 430
Salts in Rivers and in the Sea 716
Sands, The Singing, of Manchester, Massachusetts 280
School-Children, Defective Hearing in 280
School Examinations 133
School-Recesses, The Utility of 90
Schools and Libraries, Egyptian, Ancient and Modern 141
Schools, Hygiene in 425
Science and Jack-Puddings 572
Science and Safety at Sea 692
Science in Classical Schools 409
Science, Pure, A Plea for 30
Science, Remarks on the Influence of 82
Science versus the Classics 674
Sea, Science and Safety at 692
Serviss, Garrett P. 180
Sewage, Disposition of 138
Sidereal System, The Study of our 279
Siemens, Sir Charles William, Sketch of 549
Slavery, The Coming 721
Smith, Theodore 837
Snakes, The Venom of 134
Sneeze, How we, laugh, stammer, and sigh 491
Social Subjects, Suggestions on 160
Speech, The Faculty of 793
Spencer, Herbert 340
Spencer, Herbert 433
Spencer, Herbert 721
Spencerian Philosophy, The Edinburgh Review on the 839
Spider, Turret-, Intelligence of a 430
Stebbins, F. R. 700
Steel-Iron 427
Stephen, Leslie 82
Stevenson, William G., M.D. 760
Stillman, J. M., Ph.B. 377
Stoddard, Professor John T. 461