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are needed. The cell containing the object-glass must first be slid into one end of the large tube, and made to fit neatly, by even-wrapping with tissue-paper or other soft material. The sheath (Fig. 1) must now be slid into the other end of the large tube, and fitted in a similar manner. Now push the draw-tube into the sheath, and slide the eye-piece about half-way into the end of the draw-tube, and the telescope is completed. Those who are aesthetically inclined may give an extra finish to the main tube, and also to the draw-tube and eye-piece, by using for the outermost layers gilt-paper, or other smooth and colored

PSM V24 D099 The homemade telescope supports.jpg

Fig 4.

material. A sun-shade, consisting of a wide tube, three inches long, may also be made to slide over the object-end of the telescope; and a cap may be added to this to keep out dust. A kind of cap, perforated with an aperture one quarter of an inch in diameter, may also be con-