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Books notices: PAGE
"Nippon Shoku butsu meii" (Matsumura) 851
"Beginnings with the Microscope" (Manton) 851
"History of the Discovery of the Circulation of the Blood" (Chapman) 851
"Machinery of the Heavens" (Pichereau) 851
"Physics in Pictures" (Eckardt) 851
"In the Heart of Africa" (Baker) 852
"The Globe Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World" 852
"Sorghum" (Collier) 852
"A Bachelor's Talks about Married Life and Things adjacent" (Aikman) 852
"Lecture Notes of General Chemistry" (Stoddard) 852
"Tokology" (Stockham) 853
"The Man versus The-State" (Spencer) 853
"Modern Reproductive Graphic Processes" (Pettit) 854
"The Hollanders in Nova Zemlia" (Tollens) 854
"Fifth Avenue to Alaska" (Pierrepont) 854
Boring Power, The, of Mollusks 717
Brain-Weighings, Value of 717
Bremont, Dr. Félix 643
Bricks, Microbes in 142
British Association, The 277
British Association, The 698
Bronze, Virchow on the Origin of 573
Butternuts, Hickory-Nuts and 433
Buchner, Max 767

Casamicciola? What destroyed 718
Cataracts, The One Hundred, of the Iguazu 574
Catastrophes, Geological 280
Ceremonies, Curious Funeral 831
Change as a Recreative Agent 431
Character, The Measurement of 732
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 62
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 212
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 514
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 636
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 778
Chinese Coroners' Inquests 690
Christian Agnosticism 78
Cholera-Germ, The 829
Circles, Why we walk in 572
Climate, Adaptation to 396
Coal, and the Coal-Tar Colors 201
Cochin, M. Denys 201
Cocoa-Nut, The Milk in the 50
Colorado for Invalids 313
Color and Music, Birds' Tastes for 715
Convicts, Innocent, Reparation to 508
Cooke, Professor Josiah P. 577
Cooke, Professor Josiah P. 772
Cookery, The Chemistry of 62
Cookery, The Chemistry of 212
Cookery, The Chemistry of 514
Cookery, The Chemistry of 636
Cookery, The Chemistry of 778
Correction, A 704
Correspondence 121
Correspondence 696
Cram, W. A. 110
Culture, Scientific 577