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Gutta-Percha 861
Guyau, M. M. 357
Guyot, Arnold Henry, Sketch of 261

Hallock, Edward J., A. M., Ph.D. 138
Halsted, Byron D. 159
Happiness, The Morality of 103
Happiness, The Morality of 378
Happiness, The Morality of 537
Happiness, The Morality of 567
Happiness, The Morality of 663
Happiness, The Morality of 825
Harrison, Frederic 440
Hart, Samuel, M.D. 189
Hay, George, M.D. 400
Health, National, and Work 653
Hickory-Nuts and Butternuts 433
Himalayas, Climbing the 859
Hospital, Our New Skin and Cancer 94
Howe, Edwin J., M.D. 244
Hughlings Jackson, J., M.D. 171
Hydrophobia, The Prevention of 376

Ice-Making, Du Motay's Process of 796
Idiot? Was he an 110
Iguazu, The One Hundred Cataracts of the 574
Indians, The American, Old-World Origin of 571
Inebriate Patients, Treatment for 571
Inebriety, Dr. Crothers's Studies of 427
Insects and Disease 122
Insects, Our Debt to 332
International Science 698
Ireland, Reafforesting of 570
Iron, On the Supposed Discovery of, in Prehistoric Mounds 138

James, Joseph F. 647
Jastrow, Dr. J. 230
Jaques, Dr. Heinrich 508
Johnson, Edward 47
Jordan, Professor David S. 547

Klinkerfues, Professor, Death of 278
Knowledge, What, is of most Worth 696
Krakatau, The Volcanic Eruption of 365

Lancaster, Albert B. M. 60
Langley, J. K, F.R.S. 800
Legislators, The Qualifications of 696
Legislators, The Sins of 1
Legislators, The Sins of 145
Lesley, Professor J. P., Sketch of 693
Life, where did it begin? 73
Light, An Absolute Unit of 715
Lightning, Protection against 678
Lightning, Protection against 810
Literary Notices 130
Literary Notices 269
Literary Notices 414
Literary Notices 556
Literary Notices 704
Literary Notices 845
Lubbock, John 426
Lyman, Oliver E. 181
Lyon, Rev. George G. 320