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Plant Contraction, Mechanism of 284
Plants, Cultivated, The Origin of 784
Plants, Diseases of 385
Plants in America, Chinese 862
Poey, Professor Felipe, Sketch of 547
Poisons developed in the Body 283
Pole and Wire Evil, The 181
Popular Miscellany 138
Popular Miscellany 277
Popular Miscellany 425
Popular Miscellany 565
Popular Miscellany 713
Popular Miscellany 855
Population, The Problem of 671
Prehistoric Mounds, On the Supposed Discovery of Iron in 138
Primitive Peoples, The Astronomy of 620
Progress and Social Improvement 123
Prohibition, An Experiment in 47
Prohibition, An Experiment in 696

Railroads, How State Monopoly of, works 858
Rambles, Some, of a Naturalist 474
Rayleigh, Professor Lord 739
Rayleigh, Professor Lord, Sketch of 840
Religion, Retrogressive 451
Religion, The Ghost of 440
Remember, Where and how we 609
Reparation to Innocent Convicts 508
Reproduction, Modes of, in Plants 159
Retrogressive Religion 451
Reyer, Dr. E. 86
Rheumatism, Seasonal Variations of 429
Richet, Charles 759
River-Beds, Winding, Origin of 284
River-Water, Effect of Sewage on 575
Rombouts, Dr. J. E. 68
Russian Scientific Societies 285

Salt-Deposits, The, of Western New York 530
School Examinations, Dr. Michael Foster on 281
School-Work, Effect of, on the Brain 282
Science and Art, Are, Antagonistic? 357
Science and the Temperance Reform 553
Science, Physical, The Recent Progress of 739
Scientific Culture 577
Scientific Philanthropy 481
Scientific Societies, Russian 285
Scientists, The, at Montreal 843
Scott, Professor W. B. 261
Scribner, G. Hilton 73
Seasons, The, Correlations of 714
Seely, G. B. 796
Sewage, Effect of, on River-Water 575
Shepherd, Francis J., M.D. 721
Siberian Superstitions 572
Sins, The, of Legislators 1
Sins, The, of Legislators 145