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Book notices: PAGE
"My Farm of Edgewood" (Mitchell) 415
"Forestry in the Mining Districts of the Ural Mountains," Etc. (Brown) 415
"Comprehensive Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene" (Cutter) 415
"American Newspaper Annual" (Ayer) 415
"How We Live" (Johonnot Aand Bouton) 416
"Book of Cats and Dogs," Etc. (Johonnot) 416
"The True Issue" (Donnell) 416
"Wages and Tariffs" (Donnell) 416
"Outlines of Roman Law" (Morey) 416
"A Thousand Questions in American History" 417
"Book of Plant Descriptions" (Groff) 417
"Essays by 'Wheelbarrow'" 417
"Wonders and Curiosities of the Bail Way" (Kennedy) 417
"Lessons in Chemistry" (Greene) 417
"The Laws of Health" (Hutchison) 418
"Systematic Mineral Record" (Shepard) 418
"United States Commissioner of Fish. Report, 1880" 418
"Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology" (Reese) 418
"Commissioner of Education. Report, 1882, 1883" 418
"Commissioner of Agriculture. Report, 1883" 419
"Geological Survey, New Jersey, 1883" (Cook) 419
"Our Birds in their Haunts" (Langille) 419
"Wonders of Plant-Life," Etc. (Herrick) 419
"Magneto-Electric and Dynamo-Electric Machines" (Schellen) 420
"Cassell and Company's Holiday Catalogue" 420
"Migration Legend of the Creek Indians" (Gatschet) 420
"Principles of Political Economy" (Mill) 559
"A System of Psychology" (Thompson) 562
"The Reality of Religion" (Van Dyke) 563
"Thomas Carlyle" (Froude) 563
"Women, Plumbers, and Doctors" (Plunkett) 564
"The American Psychological Journal" (Parrish) 564
"Tenants of an Old Farm" (McCcook) 565
"The Way Out" (Bellamy) 565
"The Philosophy of a Future State" (English) 565
"Elementary Text-Book on Physics" (Anthony Aand Brackett) 566
"Young Folks' Ideas" 566
"An Appeal to Caesar" (Tourgee) 566
"Fichte's Science of Knowledge" (Everett) 567
"Origin of Cultivated Plants" (De Candolle) 706
"The New Philosophy" (Paine) 708
"Text-Book of Botany" (Sachs) 708
"Rudimentary Society Among Boys" (Johnson) 708
"Town and County Government" (Channing) 709
"Prehistoric America" (De Nadaillac) 709
"The Eclectic Physiology" (Brown) 709
"Icaria" (Shaw) 709
"Elements of Chemistry" (Norton) 710
"Archæological Tour in Mexico" (Bandolier) 710
"Science in Song" (Richards) 710