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James, Joseph F. 660
Japan, Forest Devastation in 714
Japan, Science in 861
Jordan, Professor David Starr 212

King-Crab, The, in New Waters 569
Kinley, Isaac 122
Klein, Dr. H. Y. 71

Laboratory, The Physical, in Modern Education 504
Labor Troubles 266
Language, The Evolution of 98
Larrabee, W. H. 34
Le Play's Studies in Social Phenomena 787
Leroy-Beaulieu, Paul 491
Le Sueur, W. D. 145
Le Sueur, W. D. 577
Lick Observatory, the, Advantages of 710
Life, Human, The Lengthening of 862
Life on a Coral Island 806
Lion Country, In the 617
Literary Notices 127
Literary Notices 269
Literary Notices 415
Literary Notices 556
Literary Notices 700
Literary Notices 845
Liquorice, Cultivation of 715
Liquors, How Alcoholic, are made 75
Lockwood, Professor S. 245
Lore, Animal and Plant, of Children 367
Lore, Animal and Plant, of Children 842

Madness, The Millennium of 226
Mange, P. F. 411
Mather, Frederic G. 180
Medicine, Indian 649
Memories, Inherited 858
Mercator, Gerard, Sketch of 404
Metal, The Coming 713
Meteorites, Meteors, and Shooting-Stars 733
Meteorites, The Origin and Structure of 374
Mexico, An Economic Study of 11
Mexico, An Economic Study of 153
Mexico, An Economic Study of 289
Mexico, An Economic Study of 411
Mexico, An Economic Study of 444
 "Note on 556
Microbes, The, of Animal Diseases 761
Minerals, The Development of 397
Moral Faculty, The Development of 29
Moral Teaching in Public Schools 698
Mountains, Earth-Contraction and 283
Museums, Paleontological, German 827

Natural Phenomena, The Prediction of 538
Nature, Some Economics of 666
Neith, The Hypothetical Planet 285
New Chemical Elements 714
Newton, General John, Sketch of 834