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characteristic works of the most eminent scientific writers of the age comprise his library: Brongniart, who laid the foundation of paleobotany; Göppert, who built its superstructure; Schimper, Heer, Dawson, Ettingshauseu, Newberry, the Marquis Gaston de Saporta, together with Grande Eury and Renault, who thoroughly studied the carboniferous flora of France; Williamson, who mastered that of England: Nathorst, who opened up the subterranean floral treasures of Sweden; Engelhardt, Hosius, Under Marck and Schenk, who investigated without exhausting the rich plant-beds of Germany—all are numbered among Lesquereux's friends and correspondents.

The fraternal bond that binds the scientific world is almost indissoluble. When asked if his long and intimate associations with so many illustrious minds had not stored his memory with anecdote and reminiscence, Lesquereux responded: "The science-students' life is absorbed with grave and serious truths; they are naturally serious men. My associations have been almost entirely of a scientific nature. My deafness cut me off from everything that lay outside of science. I have lived with Nature, the rocks, the trees, the flowers. They know em, I know them. All outside are dead to me."

List of Works and Memoirs published by Professor Leo Lesquereux.
1. Catalogue of the Mosses of Switzerland and Mennirs. Natural History Society. Neufchâtel, 1840.
2. Explorations of Peat-Bogs. Received gold medal prize from the Government of Neufchâtel.
3. Directions for the Exploration of Peat-Bogs. 1844.
4. Letters written on Germany. 1846.
5. Letters written on America. 1849-1855.
6. Botany of Agassiz's Lake Superior. 1848.
7. New Species of Fossil Plants. Boston Journal of Natural History. 1854.
8. Paleontological Report. Pennsylvania Geological Report. 1857.
9. Paleontologicol Report. Kentucky Geological Report, vol. iii. 1857.
10. Paleontological Report. Kentucky Geological Report, vol. iv. 1861.
11. Catalogue of the Fossil Plants of the Coal-Measures of Pennsylvania. 1858.
12. Paleontological and Botanical Report. Arkansas Geological Report. 1860'
13. Paleontological and Geological Report of Indiana. 1862.
14. Paleontological Report of Illinois. Worthen's Geological Report, vol. ii. 1866.
15. Paleontological Report of Illinois. "Worthen's Geological Report, vol. iv. 1870.
16. Catalogue of California Mosses. Transactions of American Philosophical Society, vol. xiii. 1864.
17. On Tertiary Fossil Plants of Mississippi. Transactions of American Philosophical Society, vol. xiii. 1864.
16. On Fucoids in the Coal. Transactions of American Philosophical Society, vol. xiii. 1864.
17. On Pacific Coast Mosses in California. Academy of Sciences. 1868.
18. Musci Exsiccati, first edition. In association with W. S. Sullivant. 1856.
19. Musci Exsiccati, second edition. 1865.