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Books noticed: PAGE
"Elementary Politics" (Raleigh) 708
"How to strengthen the Memory" (Holbrook) 709
"Hygiene of the Vocal Organs" (Mackenzie) 709
"Ten Dollars Enough" (Owen) 709
"Hand-Book of Hygiene and Sanitary Science" (Wilson) 709
"Students' Hand-Book of Historical Geology" (Jukes-Browne) 710
"The Buchholz Family" (Stinde) 710
"Manual of Lithology" (Williams) 710
"Mineral Springs of the United States" (Peale) 711
"Geographical and Geological Distribution of Animals" (Heilprin) 845
"Physiological Botany" (Youmans) 846
"The Origin of the Fittest" (Cope) 847
"Our Arctic Province" (Elliott) 848
"Nomenclature of Colors, etc." (Ridgway) 849
"A Trip around the World" 849
"Commercial Organic Analysis" (Allen) 849
"The Swiss Cross" (Ballard) 850
"Ham-Mishkan, the Wonderful Tent" (Randall) 851
"Geological History of Lake Lahontan" (Russell) 851
"The Conflict of East and West in Egypt" (Bowen) 852
"The Poison Problem" (Oswald) 852
"The Old Order changes" (Mallock) 853
Book-Worms, and their Food 429
Bradley, W. E. 96
Brain-forcing in Childhood 721
Brain-volume and Intelligence 717
Bridge, Captain Cyprian 199
British Health Resorts 861
Brocken, The, and its Mist-Effects 426
Bunce, Oliver B. 507
Burroughs, John 145

Cambodia, A Scientific Mission to 310
Canadian Northwest, The Mounds of 574
Cappie, J. 227
Carlisle, The Bishop of 384
Centenarians, The Habits and Family History of 618
Chapin, Henry Dwight, M.D. 757
Charleston Earthquakes, The Cause of the 281
Charity, Undiscriminating Evils of 286
Chevreul at a Hundred 33
Childhood, Brain-forcing in 721
Children's Studies, The Order of 138
Civil-Service System, A Nearly Perfect 573
Climate, The Canadian 856
Clocks, Celebrated 640
Consumption, The Hygienic Treatment of 79
Cooke, Professor Josiah Parsons 195
Correction, A 713
Correspondence 409
Correspondence 554
Correspondence 841