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Snakes, Something about (Buckland) 490
Sound-Signals at Sea (Johnson) 86
Spencer, Herbert, A Counter Criticism 150
"The Ethics of Kant 464
Spiders and their Ways (Blanchard) 787
State Education in England (Editorial) 844
State, The, and Social Organization (Editorial) 411
Steere, Prof. J. B., Animals as modified by Environment 243
Stellar Atmospheres (Miscellany) 858
Stigmatization (Wheatley) 667
Strachey, Lieut.-General E., What is known of the Earth 808
Sundermann, H., The Island of Nias and its People 233
Surplus Revenue, The (Atkinson) 145

Technical Education (Miscellany) 570
Topinard, M. Paul, The Last Stages in the Genealogy of Man 821
Towner, Mrs. A. J., The Cotton-String Cure (Correspondence) 556
Trades-Unions Argument, Fallacies in the (Mann) 361
Training, Manual or Industrial (Von Taube) 386
Trotter, Dr. Spencer, The American Robin and his Congeners 74
Truth, The Unity of (Le Conte), (Correspondence) 699

Unity, The, of Science (Moleschott) 520

Volcanic Lava-Cones (Miscellany) 280
Von Taube, Prof. G., Manual or Industrial Training 386

Walloon Superstitions (Miscellany) 859
Water, How long one can remain under (Miscellany) 714
Water-Pipes of Lead, Tin, and Iron (Miscellany) 281
Water Purification, The American System of (Miscellany) 572
Water-Spouts in the Atlantic (Miscellany) 427
Waters, Underground, and Mineral Veins (Daubrée) 633
Wells, David A., The Economic Outlook 1
Whaling in Spitzbergen Waters (Miscellany) 285
Wheatley, Rev. Richard, Stigmatization 667
Whistles Ancient and Modern (Gutode) 169
White Mountain, The, of Manchuria (Miscellany) 862
Women in Business (King), (Correspondence) 842
Writing-Machines for the Blind (Good) 643

Zambesi, Changes on the (Miscellany) 572