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Fading Photographs. Pop. Misc. 429
Fast Ocean Passages. Pop. Misc. 426
Fast Railway-Trains. Pop. Misc. 862
Faults of City Schools. Pop. Misc. 569
Fernald, F. A. Science and "Christian Science" 798
Fielde, Adele M. Chinese Marriage Customs 241
Fiji Islands, Among the. Coutts Trotter 644
Floras, Geological. Pop. Misc. 712
Flying-Machine, The Problem of a. Prof. Joseph Le Conte 69
Flying-Machine, The, Problem. T. W. Mather. Cor. 556
Flying-Squirrels, Colors of. Pop. Misc. 427
Forest-Groupings, The Origin of. Marquis de Saporta 229
Forestry in Switzerland. Pop. Misc. 714
Foundation-Stones, The, of the Earth. Prof. T. G. Bonney 652
Freeman, Prof. E. A. Comments on "The Sacrifice of Education" 535
French, J. M., M.D. Infant Mortality and the Environment 221
Freshfield, D. W. The Suanetians and their Home 380

Gale, Harlow. The Origin of Holidays 516
Gas Heating Appliances, Improved. Pop. Misc. 714
Gauss and the Electric Telegraph 396
Gems. Pop. Misc. 428
Genealogy of Man, The Last Stages in the. M. P. Topinard 171
Genius and Talent. Grant Allen 341
Glass-Making. Prof. C. H. Henderson 598
Gold-Mines, British. Pop. Misc. 572
Goodrich, J. K. Ainu Family-Life and Religion 81
Goodrich, S. F. Do Animals "play 'Possum"? Cor. 557
Graphite, Archæan, Origin of. Pop. Misc. 715
Guiding-Needle, The, on an Iron Ship. T. A. Lyons, U.S.N. 289
Gypsies, Religious Notions of. Pop. Misc. 279

Hale, Horatio. The Aryans in Science and History 672
Hammond, Clement M. The Prolongation of Human Life 92
Harrison, Frederic. Comments on "The Sacrifice of Education" 535
Healing of the Broken Bones of Birds. Pop. Misc. 860
Henderson, Prof. C. H. Glass-Making. A Pane of Glass 598
Hensoldt, Dr. Heinrich. Atomic Worlds and their Motions 183
Holidays, The Origin of. Harlow Gale 516
House-Drainage from Various Points of View. J. S. Billings, M.D. 310
House-top Summer-Resorts. Pop. Misc. 861
Hudson, A. S., M.D. Can Animals count the Days? Cor. 123
Human Mind, The Derivative Origin of the. G. J. Romanes 792
Huxley, Prof. Thomas H. Agnosticism 750
Hydrology and Climatology, International Congress of. Pop. Misc. 573

Iles, George. Competition and the Trusts 619
Indians, Our, and the Mongolians. Pop. Misc. 278
Indians, Puget Sound, Time-Reckoning of. Pop. Misc. 137
Industrial Training, Subjects for. Pop. Misc. 135
Infant Mortality and the Environment. J. M. French 221