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I N D E X.

Ackerman, Albert A. Arctic Ice and its Navigation 677
Agnostic, The Position of the. R. Mathews. Cor. 269
Agnosticism. Henry Wace 64
Agnosticism: A Rejoinder. T. H. Huxley 163
Agnosticism and Christianity. T. H. Huxley 447
Agnosticism, Christianity and. H. Wace 327
Agnosticism, Cowardly. A Word with Prof. Huxley. W. H. Mallock 225
Agricultural Maxims. Pop. Misc. 427
Almy, A. H. Growth of the Beet-Sugar Industry 85
"The Production of Beet-Sugar 199
American Association. The Toronto Meeting of the. Editor's Table 844
Animal Altruism. A. S. Hudson. Cor. 409
Animal Life in the Gulf Stream. R. S. Tarr 649
Anthropology at Washington. J. H. Gore 786
Antiseptics, Influence of, on Foods. Pop. Misc. 142
Apparatus, Home-made. J. F. Woodhull 519
Architecture. Pop. Misc. 859
Arctic Ice and its Navigation. A. A. Ackerman 677
Asphalt and Petroleum in Venezuela. Pop. Misc. 142
Astronomy, Fabulous. J. C. Houzeau 194
Atmospheric Tides. Pop. Misc. 714

Bailey, Joshua F. Is Christian Science a "Craze"? 216
Barnard, President, The Work of. Editor's Table 411
Battak-Land, Flirtation in. Pop. Misc. 714
Beet-Sugar Industry, Growth of the. A. H. Almy 85
Beet-Sugar, The Production of. A. H. Almy 199
Berkeley, the Rev. M. J., Death of. Pop. Misc. 856
Bernhardt, W. The Chemist as a Constructor 801
Blackfeet, The Sun-Dance of the. Pop. Misc. 569
Blood-Vengeance and Pardon in Albania. J. Okie 529
Books noticed:
Abbott, Charles C. Days out of Doors 703
Allen, Alfred H. Commercial Organic Analysis, Vol. III, Part 1 849
American Society for Psychical Research. Proceedings No. 4 710
Angerstein, E., and G. Eckler. Home Gymnastics for the Well and the Sick 707
Archer, T. A. The Crusade of Richard I 565
Argentine Republic. Observations of the National Argentine Observatory 709