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Books noticed: PAGE
Gray, Asa. Scientific Papers of, selected by C. S. Sargent 266
Great Words from Great Americans 128
Greene, Homer. Coal and the Coal Mines 561
Grove, George. A Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Appendix 271
Haferkorn, H. E., and Paul Heise. Handy Lists of Technical Literature. Part I 271
Hague, Addison, Irregular Verbs of Attic Prose 128
Harris, W. T. Introduction to the Study of Philosophy 707
Harrison, J. T. On the Creation and Physical Structure of the Earth 853
Haworth, E. The Chemistry of Narcotics 712
Harvard College, Observatory of. Meteorological Observations, 1840-'88 567
"Observations made at the Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory in 1888 568
Henry, Mrs. S. M. I. Frances Raymond's Investment 855
"The Unanswered Prayer 855
Hensoldt, H. Meteorites and what they teach us 565
Hill, Robert T. Check-List of the Invertebrate Fossils from the Cretaceous Formations of Texas. Part I 712
"Neozoic Geology of Southwestern Arkansas 129
"Paleontology of the Cretaceous Formations of Texas. Part I 712
Himnan, Russell. Eclectic Physical Geography 709
Hiorns, A. H. Iron and Steel Manufacture 420
Hough, W. On the Preservation of Museum Specimens 711
Hubert, P. G., Jr. The Nursery Lesson-Book 421
Journal of Morphology. Vol. III, No. 1 567
Journal of Physiology, The. Vol. X 416
Inventor's Manual 854
Kansas State Agricultural College Experiment Station. Report of the Botanical Department 272
Kapp, Gisbert. Alternate-Current Machinery 420
Kent, Charles W. Elene 127
Klemm, L. R. European Schools 416
Krafft-Ebing, R. von. An Experimental Study in the Domain of Hypnotism 420
Kunz, G. F. Meteoric Iron 713
Lagrange, F. Physiology of Bodily Exercise 848
Laing, S. Problems of the Future, and Essays 707
Lauridsen, Peter. Vitus Bering, the Discoverer of Bering Strait 421
Lloyd, J. Hendric. The Insanity of Oscar Hugo Webber 272
McGee, W J. An Obsidian Implement from Pleistocene Deposits in Nevada 566
"The World's Supply of Fuel 565
M'Kendrick, John Gray. Special Physiology 851
Macoun, John. Catalogue of Canadian Plants. Parts I to IV 269
Mahaffy, John P., and John H. Bernard. Kant's Critical Philosophy for English Readers 127
Mahrenholtz-Buelow, Baroness. The Child and Child-Nature 420
Mason, O. T. Cradles of the American Aborigines 711
"The Human Beast of Burden 711