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I N D E X.

Aber, Mary Ailing. Mothers and Natural Science 788
Advantages of Wild Life, Some. (Misc.) 857
Agnosticism, The Affirmative Side of. J. A. Skilton: with Letters from Herbert Spencer, T. H. Huxley, and Lyman Abbott 217
Agriculture on the Plains. (Corr.) A. E. Harvey 122
Alviella, Count Goblet d', The Migration of Symbols 671
Alviella, Count Goblet d', The Migration of Symbols 778
American Association, The. (Editor's Table) 843
Ancient Dwellings of the Rio Verde Valley.* E. A. Mearns 745
Ancient Men of the Potomac. (Misc.) 570
Animal and Plant Lore. III. Mrs. F. D. Bergen 240
Animals, Recognition of Pictures by. (Misc.) 426
Antiquity of Man, The, and Egyptology. A. D. White 145
""and Prehistoric Archæology. A. D. White 289
Apparatus-Making in Education. M. C. Wilson 345
Architecture, Utility in. B. Ferree 202
Arizona, Mountains of. (Misc.) 567
Art, Fine, in the Workshop. (Misc.) 572
Artists in Humble Work. (Misc.) 861
Asphalt in Building Construction. (Misc.) 715
Association, The American. (Misc.) 571
Astronomy on Lake Tanganyika. (Misc.) 427
Atkinson, Edward. Common Sense applied to the Tariff Question 433
Atkinson, Edward. Common Sense applied to the Tariff Question 591
Atmospheric Dust. W. Marcet 177
Australasia, Some Natives of.* E. Reclus 607
Avogadro. (Misc.) 141

Ball, A Little Boys 1 Game with a. H. J. Philpott 650
Barrier Beaches of the Atlantic Coast. F. J. H. Merrill 736
Beaman, George W. Secondary School Programmes 48
Beet-Sugar in Germany. (Misc.) 430
Bellamy, Miss Elizabeth W. A Queer Pet.* 528
Bergen, Mrs. Fanny D. Animal and Plant Lore. III 240
Books noticed:
Abbot, Francis E. The Way out of Agnosticism 416
Allen, Alexander V. G. Jonathan Edwards 129
Allen, Harrison. A Clinical Study of the Skull 560
American Society of Naturalists. Records, Vol. I, Part 7 707
Appleton, John H. Laboratory Year-Book 133