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The Patent System of the United States has been published by Levin H. Campbell (the author, Washington, 50 cents). Mr. Campbell introduces his subject with a chapter on the early English patent system, and goes on to tell of the appearance of the system in the American colonies, and the changes in organization and practice that it has undergone in the past century.


The English Series, by W. H. Maxwell, has been completed by the publication of Advanced Lessons in English Grammar (American Book Company, 60 cents). This book is designed for a high-school or the last two years of a grammar-school course, and besides its use as a text-book it is intended to be available for reference when difficulties are met with in composition exercises, or in the critical study of literature. The first three chapters give a bird's-eye view of the parts of speech and of the construction of the English sentence. The usual divisions of English grammar are then taken up in succession. Etymology is defined as treating of the classification, inflection, and formation of words. The chapter given to the last of these topics includes lists of English, Latin, and Greek affixes, and models for word-analysis. There is a chapter on Economy of Attention, based on Herbert Spencer's Philosophy of Style, which contains certain things that can not well be placed elsewhere. The author is Superintendent of Public Instruction in Brooklyn.

The method adopted by David Salmon, the author of Longman's Primary-School Grammar (Longman's, 35 cents), is that of "making children familiar first with the thing, then with the name." Accordingly, the child is first required to pick out all names of persons in a given series of sentences, and the other requirements of the first exercise are: "Give the names of ten boys; ten girls; ten persons whom you know; ten persons about whom you have read." After ten similar exercises on nouns of different sorts the first definition is given to be learned. The author says that he has made his definitions so that young children can understand them although in doing so he has made some of them unsatisfactory to a logician.



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