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Language, Emotional, of the Future 319
Leached Ashes as a Fertilizer 509
Lectures, Scientific 242
Liberal Education in the Nineteenth Century 1
Lignite-Beds of the Rocky Mountains 763
Lime-Soils and Potato-Rot 637
Livingstone's Death 626
Localization of the Faculty of Speech 125
Lockyer, J. N., Sketch of. (Portrait) 109
Locusts, A Swarm of 636

Malformations 383
Man, The Descent of 251
Man, Antiquity of 759
Man in the Miocene, Relics of 254
Mantis, or Praying Insect. (Illustrated) 710
Mars by the Latest Observations. (Illustrated) 187
Matter, Force, and Inertia 494
Matter, its Physical Constitution 493
Metamorphic Rocks, Age of 509
Meteorological Notes 507
Migrations of Insects 382
Mill, Education and Science 368
Mind, Brain and 253
Mind, Growth and Decay of 328
Minerals, Spang Collection of 433
Modern Optics and Painting. (Illustrated) 415
Modern Optics and Painting. (Illustrated) 572
Moab, Land of, its Geology 764
Molecules, Theory of 276
Moners, Haeckel's. (Illustrated) 181
Mud-Minnow, its Breeding Habits 744

Natural Grafting 380
Natural Varieties 382
New Method with the Brain 183
New Guinea, its Population 632
News from Jupiter 433
Notes 127
Notes 256
Notes 383
Notes 511
Notes 639
Notes 767

Observatory, United States Naval 704
Ocean Steamships 766
Octopus, The, and its Prey 254
Optics, Modern, and Painting. (Illustrated) 415
Optics, Modern, and Painting. (Illustrated) 572
Origin of Life, The, and Evolution 713
Origin of the Potato-Disease 123
Our Ancestors on the Goose-Question. (Illustrated) 565
Ozone and Atmospheric Electricity 456

Painting and Modern Optics. (Illustrated) 415
Painting and Modern Optics. (Illustrated) 572
Papillon, Fernand, his Death 627
Papyrus, An Ancient 251
Parchment, Substitute for 123|}