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Sewage Fertilization 507
Sewage, Utilization of 767
Sex, is it determined by Nutrition 761
Sexes, Psychology of the 30
Shadows, Images and. (Illustrated) 665
Shark, The Shovel-nosed. (Illustrated) 65
Signaling, Electric 581
Silk-worm's Thread, its Length 508
Solar Prominences, The Chromosphere and (Illustrated) 385
Sounding Apparatus, Improved 255
Spang Collection of Minerals 443
Speech, Localization of the Faculty of 125
Spencer and the Women 746
"Spencer-Crusher," Another 621
Street-Sprinkling, Improvements in 124
Study of Sociology 129
Study of Sociology 242
Study of Sociology 295
Study of Sociology 402
Study of Sociology 492
Study of Sociology 541
Substitute for Parchment 123
Subterranean Fish 639
Sun's Envelope 127
Sun-driven Engine 765
Survival of Instincts 88

Tarantism 766
Tennyson and Botany 193
Tests for Glycerine 510
Theory of Molecules 276
Toad, Intelligence of 126
Transit of Venus, Preparations for the Coming 212
Trout from an Artesian Well 759
Typhoid Fever, Etiology of 764

Unequal Power of the Eyes 379
United States Naval Observatory 704

Varieties, Natural 382
Vegetable Growth, Rapidity of 510
Vivisection 672

Walking, Swimming, and Flying. (Illustrated) 528
Wasps' Nests of Clay 637
Water-Filters 759
"Water turned to Blood." (Illustrated) 202
Weeping-Willow, The 252
Well, An Ancient, in Illinois 252
What the Chemistry of the Rocks teaches 694
Work and Influence of The Monthly 747
Winslow, Forbes 760
World, The, before the Introduction of Life. (Illustrated) 513

Year, A, of Geographical Work 735
Yosemite Valley of Glacial Origin 122