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Reef-knot Nets.* W. Churchill 83
Religious Ideas of Savages. (Misc.) 858
River Channels, Ancient. (Misc.) 564
Roads, Chinese. (Misc.) 856
Robinson, Louis, M. D. Darwinism in the Nursery 674
Ross, P. D. Type-casting Machines* 180

Sanitary Mistakes. (Misc.) 859
Scharf Library, The, of Johns Hopkins. (Misc.) 136
Science and Fine Art. E, Du Bois-Reymond 751
Scientific Meetings, A Group of. (Editor's Table) 125
Sewage, Purification of. (Misc.) 282
Sheep and Cows, Non-drinking. (Misc.) 287
Silk Dresses and Eight Hours' Work. J. B. Mann 245
"Gauzes, Manufacture of. (Misc.) 855
Silver Question, The Progress of the. (Corr.) C. S. Ashley 413
Slavic Marriage Forecasts. (Misc.) 429
Snake-myths. (Misc.) 713
Species, Man's Agency in the Extermination of. (Misc.) 426
Spiders as Marplots. (Misc.) 863
Spillane, Daniel. Musical Instruments—The Organ* 623
""The Piano-forte* 473
""Orchestral* 793
Starr, Frederick. Ornament* 44
"Religious Dress* 194
Stars, The Universe of 545
Steel, The Manufacture of.* W. F, Durfee 15
Stevens, James S. Colors of Letters. (Corr.) 697
Stilts and Stilt-walking.* Guyot-Daubes 467
Story, The, of a Strange Land.* D. S. Jordan 447
Strong Man, The. (Editor's Table) 268
Sully, James. Is Man the only Reasoner? 506
Sulphur in Sicily. (Misc.) 575
Superstitions, Ancient, in Italy. (Misc.) 567
Swords, Famous Japanese. (Misc.) 137

Tail-like Formations in Men* 347
Theology and Political Economy. A. D. White 323
Thurston, John R. Intelligence and the Belief in Evolution. (Corr.) 696
Time-reckoning on the Congo. (Misc.) 572
Tombs, Royal, of Uganda. (Misc.) 861
Torture, Mediæval Instruments of. (Misc.) 858
Tramp Colonies. (Editor's Table) 271
Trouessart, E. Australian Marsupial Mole, The* 650
Trouvé, G. Aviator Flying-machine, The* 392
Tweedy, Alice B. Homely Gymnastics 524
Type-casting Machines.* P. D. Ross 180

University Extension. C. H. Henderson 1
"(Editor's Table) 123
"and the State. (Editor's Table) 554