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PSM V41 D404 White bearded slender monkeys.jpgFig. 1.—White-bearded Slender Monkeys. which is sufficient, in my opinion, despite some special differences, to characterize them as closely related. This peculiar structure of the stomach, unprecedented in a monkey, naturally induces the presumption of a peculiar method of feeding, and indeed shows indubitably that the slender monkeys and the short-thumbed monkeys are more fully and exclusively vegetable feeders, or, to be more exact, greens-eaters, than the other monkeys. This inductive conclusion is fully confirmed by observation of the animals in captivity. Our representative of the short-thumbed monkeys, the guerezas, as well as the two species of short-thumbed monkeys which I have tamed, eat regularly but daintily of the hay that serves them for straw and bedding, and the guerezas eat with particular relish the heads of green salad which they have learned to expect eagerly for