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the Ninety-seventh Meridian, relates to a region vast in extent—including more than three hundred thousand square miles, and embracing many diverse conditions that influence the water supply—and one that has been little studied by geographers and geologists. The regions discussed—for there are more than one of them—are radically different in most natural aspects from the older inhabited portion of the United States. "It is far more different from New England than is Japan. It has more points in common with Europe than with the great Mississippi Valley. The chalk lands and downs of Texas are more related to France than to the rocks of the adjacent Arkansas and Missouri States." The author has endeavored to give only the laws of the occurrence and distribution of water. First, he corrects some prevailing mistakes on the subject, and shows how water really gets under the ground and is found there; then he describes the several regions topographically and geologically, and with reference to the conditions as to underground waters. This part of the work is well illustrated by maps and sections.

The Industrial Magazine is a new periodical devoted to the Promotion of Legitimate Industrial Enterprises, Railroad and Manufacturing Interests, and General Topics; Mrs. Kittie F. Miller, editor; published by the Industrial Magazine Company, Chicago. In the first two numbers railroad matters are given prominence and occupy by far the largest proportion of the space. Other enterprises are noticed in special articles; and information of what is going on in the railroad and industrial world is given in brief items.


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