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studied carefully, tabulated, and reduced, at least in part, to graphic form. Diagrams show the distinctive characters of tribes and the effect of environment, the influence of crossing, and the like. Maps instructively show the variation of stature and other characters with changes in physical geography. In neurology Prof. Donaldson, by a series of models and casts, represents the brain form in man and lower animals, the structure of the brain, localization of function, and modes of brain preservation for

PSM V43 D632 House of kwakiools of vancouver island at the columbian exhibition.jpg
House of Kwakiools (Vancouver Island). World's Columbian Exposition.

study. Prof. Jastrow's two rooms are of great interest: in one, arrangements are made for conducting the various tests of so much importance in modern psychological study; in the other, in a series of cases, is a full representation of the instruments and apparatus used in experimental psychology—instruments for investigating the senses of touch, light (color), hearing, etc., as well as for recording, timing, and the like. All these laboratories are expected to be in operation, and observations and experiments will be conducted by a corps of student assistants.