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Eaton, Frank II. The Bay of Fundy Tides and Marshes 250
Economics, Sound. (Misc.) 428
Education and Selection. A. Fouillée 349
"Sound Words on. (Editor's Table) 121
Electricity at the World's Fair.* C. M. Lungren 721
"Practical, Progress in. (Misc.) 286
Emigration, Reasons for. (Misc.) 858
Energy in Organic Evolution. (Misc.) 862
Ethnologic Study, An, of the Yuruks.* A. T. d'Andria 184
Evans, E. P. Modern Miracles 192
"Studies of Animal Speech 433
Explosion of Kitchen Boilers. (Misc.) 712

Fans, Early. (Misc.) 140
"Manufacture of. (Misc.) 139
Farmer, The, How Science is helping. C. S. Plumb 100
Fashions, Origin of. (Misc.) 429
Fauna, Curious, of La Plata. (Misc.) 139
Feeding Value of Tree Leaves, (Misc.) 860
Fernald, Frederik A. Household Arts at the World's Fair 803
Ferrero, Guillaume. Criminal Festivals 758
Fire, The, of Incandescent Lamps. (Misc.) 571
Fisheries, The Ural Cossacks and their.* N. Borodine 767
Floral Festivals. (Misc.) 426
Folk Lore of the Kootenay Indians. (Misc.) 279
"Study in America.* L. J. Vance 586
Folsom, J. W. Adaptations of Seeds and Fruits 218
Fossil Forests of the Yellowstone.* S. E. Tillman 301
Fossils, Preservation of Leaves as. (Misc.) 136
Fouillée, Alfred. Education and Selection 349
Fox, William J. Some Remarkable Insects.* 527

Game, A Whipping. (Misc.) 430
Game, Large. (Misc.) 566
Geikie, Sir Archibald, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 257
Geological Exploration, American, Tribute of the French Academy to 95
Geology, Unsolved Problems in. (Misc.) 718
Ghosts, The "Savagery" of believing in. (Editor's Table) 415
Glacial Gravels, Are there Evidences of Man in the? J. W. Powell 316
""Major Powell on "Are there Evidences of Man in the?" (Corr.) E. W. Claypole 696
"Man in Ohio, Evidences of.* G. F. Wright 29
"Moraine, the Pennsylvania, The Tracing of. (Corr.) Mrs. J. F. Lewis 411
"Periods, Number of. (Misc.) 135
Great Work, A, concluded. (Editor's Table) 552
Groff, G. G. Honey and Honey Plants 545
Growth of Boys and Girls, Facts about. (Misc.) 573
Guthrie, Frederick. Teaching Physics 388
Gypsy Moth, Fighting the. (Misc.) 716