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Books noticed: PAGE
Smithsonian Institution. Report of S. P. Langley, Secretary, for 1893 279
—Reports of the Board of Regents for 1891 and 1892 711
Sohn, Charles E. Dictionary of the Active Principles of Plants 422
Spalding, Volney M. Guide to the Study of Common Plants 709
Spencer, J. W. Ten Counties of North-western Georgia 848
Standard Dictionary, vol. i 129
Stoddard, Charles A. Beyond the Rockies 710
Stokes, Sir G. G. Natural Theology 704
Suess, Edward. The Future of Silver 564
Thomson, Sir William. Popular Lectures and Addresses, vol. ii 561
Todd, Mrs. Mabel Loomis. Total Eclipses of the Sun 561
Trelease, William. The Sugar Maples 708
Tufts College Studies 850
United States Commissioner of Education. Report for 1891 845
United States Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries. Report, 1889 to 1891 708
United States Commissioner of Labor. Report for 1892 849
—The Phosphate Industry of the United States 849
United States Geological Survey. Bulletins Nos. 83 to 85, 92, 94, and 96 134
United States Weather Bureau. Report of the Chief for 1892 710
University of Pennsylvania. Contributions to the Botanical Laboratory 708
Vines, Sydney H. A Student's Text-book of Botany, first half 415
Ward, Lester F. The Status of the Mind Problem 707
Watson, H. W. Treatise on the Kinetic Theory of Gases 850
Webb, T. W. Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes 564
Welcome, S. Byron. From Earth's Center 852
White's New Course in Art Instruction 275
—Manual for the Fifth Year Grade 850
Wilder Quarter Century Book, The 278
Wiley, H. W. Principles and Practice of Agricultural Analysis 709
Willett, James R. Heating and Ventilation of Residences 566
Williams, Charles Theodore. Aëro-therapeutics 846
Wood, Henry. Political Economy of Natural Law 423
Woodhull, John F. First Course in Science 566
Wright, Marcus J. General Scott 558
Boys, Remaking our. (Misc.) 574
Butter-making, Bacteria in. (Misc.) 430

Camphor Tree, The. (Misc.) 570
Carman, A. Joseph Neef: A Pestalozzian Pioneer 373
Centenarians, Some Lessons from. J. M. French 756
Champagne District, The American.* L. J. Vance 743
Chapman, Frank M. The Nocturnal Migration of Birds 506
Chemical Constitution and Color. (Misc.) 570
Chemistry, Ancient and Mediaeval. P. E. Berthelot 109
Children, City, Recreations for. (Misc.) 142
Children's Letters. (Misc.) 139
Chimney, Up the. F. Bolles 24
Cholera, Propagation of. (Misc.) 143
Clas, A Dangerous. (Editor's Table) 126
Clays, Origin of. (Misc.) 858
Climates, Dakota. (Misc.) 428
Clouds, Measuring the Heights of. (Misc.) 286
Collections, Preparation of. (Misc.) 141
Copper Age, A. (Misc.) 718
Corporations and Trusts, The Meaning of. L. G. McPherson 289
Cotton-seed Oil. F. G. Mather 104
Crime, Human Aggregation and. G. Tarde 447
"Social Factors of. (Misc.) 713
Crothers, T. D., M. D. Should Prohibitory Laws be Abolished? 225